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The Nigeria’s Unity Schools Cut off Marks for Each State – Abia 130, Yobe 2

The Nigeria’s Unity Schools Cut off Marks for Each State – Abia 130, Yobe 2

What a nation: “candidates from Abia State were required to score [to be admitted into Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria] 130, Anambra State -139, Delta State -131, Enugu State -134, Imo State -138, Lagos State -133, and Ogun State -131. And candidates from Kebbi State were given -2 and 20, Taraba -3 and 11, Yobe -2 and 27, and Zamfara State -4 and 2 for males and females respectively.” BusinessDay

–Unity Schools Cut off Marks for 2022 for Each State

Abia – 130

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Adamawa – 62

Akwa-Ibom – 123

Anambra – 139

Bauchi – 35

Bayelsa – 72

Benue – 111

Borno – 45

Cross River – 97

Delta – 131

Ebonyi – 112

Edo – 127

Ekiti – 119

Enugu – 134

Gombe – 58

Imo – 138

Jigawa – 44

Kaduna – 91

Kano – 67

Katsina – 60

Kebbi – 9 (male) 20 (female)

Kogi – 119

Kwara – 123

Lagos – 133

Nasarawa – 58

Niger – 93

Ogun – 131

Ondo – 126

Osun – 127

Oyo – 127

Plateau – 97

Rivers – 118

Sokoto – 9 (male) 13 (female)

Taraba – 3 (male) 11 (female)

Yobe – 2 (male) 27 (female)

Zamfara – 4 (male) 2 (female)

FCT Abuja – 90

I have read most of the comments online on these cut-off marks. Largely, most are missing the real deal: the UBE and broad funding of basic education in Nigeria are designed per student. In other words, resources are evenly distributed. What that means is that if governors in Yobe are producing students that need a score of 2 to be admitted when Abia students need 130 on the same per student budget, it is fair to ask ICPC and EFCC to get the Yobe governors to explain how they spend the funds.

Sure, the Abia kid is a victim here since 129 will not offer a space when someone with 2 gets in. Yet,  if you look deeper, the practical victim is the kid from Yobe. Statistically, you are more likely to get better outcomes in a group of the Abia kids than the Yobe’s because from the score of 2, nothing is happening there. Why is the national assembly not doing a hearing  on this?

Nigeria must not allow this imbalance to happen where these kids get no value despite the evenly distributed resources. I find it offensive that someone will score 2 to attend a school where another kid needs to score 130, and no one is challenging the underperforming governors to explain what is happening.

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Comment: Before I air my view on this Nauseating topic, let me expose my identity.

I am Dr. JOSEPH DIVINE ANDESANGKWAB, FROM THE NORTHERN STATE OF TARABA State. I started primary school sometimes in 1994 in my remote hamlet of Jenuwa kogi in taraba state. I proceeded to government day secondary school kwambia, latter I joined Excel Model secondary school in Wukari, Taraba State.

I got six distinctions in my WASCE and scored 286points in jamb. I arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka for post UME where I scored 76%. I was admitted to study medicine and Surgery which I did for a period of six years.

Now, let mw get back to the topic. I have never supported anything bad and I can’t support this ugly evil against our country. Pupils from the South East States are made to score excess of hundred while those from the Northern parts are admitted with a paltry score of 2marks. There is no justification whatsoever for this kind of evil to prevail in our country. What the promoters of this nonsense scheme do not know is that, they strengthen other parts of the country academically and at the same time, pulling their own region backward. Sadly enough, the northerners are the ones stalling the progress of this country through their blind selfish policies of mediocrity . I wander what the elites in the North stand to gain by encouraging mediocrity. In a sane society, every child is exposed to the same challenge and they grow together in the struggle.

That the North is academically backward or disadvantage in their words, is artificial. They worked hard to make the North academically disadvantaged . If not, they would have allowed a level playing ground for every child.

No child is born with knowledge, but every child is born with potentials to acquire knowledge. We have some exceptionally brilliants kids from the North just as we have them in other parts of the country. But up here in the North, the kids are configured to be academically disadvantaged through these discrepancies in scores.

I am from the North, I have never chicken out to concede that I am educationally less developed than my colleagues in the classrooms at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

When right policy and right training are in place, every child can learn and be good academically.

I still remember, when I was in primary three in the village, Almost everyone in the class could write and read. However, due to constant harmful policies of the elites or the Northern extraction, the situation has changed. In the same village those who are in SS3 can not even write their names now.

During our era, teachers were dedicated, discipline was high and pupils were serious. Anyone who failed was not allowed to move to the next class. So everyone strived to be good and pass at every level.

How can you convince a child to read when he knows that he needs only 2 out 400 points to move on?

Unless, Northern Nigeria wake up from slumber, the number of bokoharam, terrorists and bandits will keep increasing in the region. This is because, the standard at the primary and secondary school level in Northern Nigeria is that which can only breed bandits, terrorists and bokoharam.

I am a northerner!!!!

My Response: Great thesis. As I noted, the victims are the kids in the north, just as the ones in the south. Statistically, in life, you are better off in the south since that spirit to compete will work for you in other areas in life besides getting admission in a federal unity school.


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5 THOUGHTS ON The Nigeria’s Unity Schools Cut off Marks for Each State – Abia 130, Yobe 2

  1. They are called ‘Unity Schools’ and not ‘Competition Schools’, the concept is good, but the evolution is poor. Is there a meeting point or weighted score that guarantees balance or decent average? Let’s say Kings College can set weighted score at 70, what this means is that the average entry score for all admitted students must be 70. To achieve that, it means that you must take more people from high scoring states, so that by the time you pair with those scoring 2 and 4, you arrive at 70.

    Then every two years, you keep scaling those scoring 2 to 4, and then 6, and then 8; while reducing the one at 139 to 137, and then 135 and 133, and within two decades you are coming closer to some sort of equilibrium. Is it something we are capable of doing? To develop the country, you have to be intentional, with clear and measurable progress; it cannot be a political appeasement or sentimental consideration.

    To make it happen, funding of basic education cannot be left at the behest of state governments, since there is free movement across the country, else the poorly educated ones will still migrate and create mayhem in the highly educated regions. For the latter, the central government can directly fund and supply qualified instructors.

    • You are talking trash sir. Look at the system that’s producing these mediocre results. Your postulation is asking us to treat the symptoms rather than diagnose the disease for efficient and effective treatment.

  2. You are talking trash sir. Look at the system that’s producing these mediocre results. Your postulation is asking us to treat the symptoms rather than diagnose the disease for efficient and effective treatment.

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