The Power of Process to Success

The Power of Process to Success

Companies do not hire you just because you made good grades in school. You are hired because you’ve demonstrated attributes which resulted in a good outcome (good grades). To get good grades, you managed your time, showed discipline to accomplish a purpose, etc.

The assumption is this: if you can apply those attributes in a job, the outcome would be good. You must understand that the processes to get a good grade are more important than the grade. Most attributes to success are universal while grades are not. Staying on course with those attributes makes the future predictable even when the grades become irrelevant!

 This is why I tell people that finished with poor grades: your problem is not the poor grades but the processes that produced the grades. If your processes (activity prioritization, dedication, focus, time management, etc) are GREAT and you ended with poor grades, you will be fine. The world is not a competition of grades but of processes!

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