The Power of “Sorry”

The Power of “Sorry”

In human history, men have saved empires and kingdoms with one word: “Sorry”. Elevate it to “My apologies, Sir/Madam”, disputes melt. In ancestral Igbo, elders will remind you that “Ndo na-ala uwa azi” [Sorry mends grievances]. Learn to use ‘Sorry” or better “My apologies”.

Have you noticed how they entertain for free in Lagos motor parks? No one wants to say “Sorry” and fights begin because everyone feels big. In America, you pay to watch fights, as Wrestle Mania, but in Nigeria, it is copyright-free. Yet, most of those fights would have been prevented with simple ‘Sorry Sir”.

Try the power of “Sorry” or better “My Apologies” when tensions rise. They do not make you weak; it takes care of nonsense to focus energies on what really matters. In Ajengunle motor park, the place is so congested that when you raise your leg, by the time you want to return it to the ground, as you walk, someone would have likely occupied the space. You can argue with him or her, and quarrel will begin, or you can simply say “sorry” or “excuse me” and continue moving.

That Sorry will magically melt all the tensions; life moves on. Learn how to use and apply it.

NB: English does not really use “Sorry” the way we do in Nigeria. Yet, I will leave it that way; in Nigeria we understand the context no matter what England thinks.

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It’s for the brave to say such, and never for the weak. The problem sometimes begins when people come to expect it indiscriminately, without admitting malfeasance on their own part, it then leads to error in judgement; another catastrophe…

If you are wise, you know when to diffuse tension in order to move on to more important things.


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