The President’s Best Gift

The President’s Best Gift

Ladies and gentlemen, the political temperature seems normal. Now you can listen to NPR radio with no analysis of former President Trump’s tweet. Twitter had banned Mr. Trump after a meltdown in Washington DC. Interestingly, I am calling that ban the best gift for the Biden presidency so far. Because Mr. Trump does not have access to his loudspeaker, Biden has been controlling his messaging. Had Trump been active on Twitter, the temperature would not have been this controlled.

As Biden signs one executive order after another, Trump could not tweetly challenge or even comment. It is simply unbelievable how lucky Mr. Biden is for that extremely invaluable gift from Twitter.

From masks mandate on federal properties to revoking the Keystone pipeline, Trump’s silence makes Biden evidently truly in charge. 

In 2021, others will fight to give you an unbelievable gift. Twitter has done a lot of good for Mr. Biden when it banned Trump. Not having to deal with those tweets could add more than 3% to Biden’s personal productivity!


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4 thoughts on “The President’s Best Gift

  1. Who can tell me the colours of justice and injustice; those of freedom and bondage, anyone? You don’t need to like Trump, but if you think removing his microphone is fair and good, may you lose your own microphone! Shout a louder amen.

    Everything sounds good and nice, until it happens to you, hypocrisy is human, and human is hypocrisy.

    It’s a rigged world, but remember, the measure you use on others, same will be returned to you. If the world is full of polished and nice-sounding creatures, it could be boring and tasteless, same way it could be chaotic, if it’s full of mad people.

    Live and let others live.

    For now, the world is not ready for peace, it’s just pretence everywhere.

    Game on…

    1. Kick them out of the country does not equate to “Live and let others live. ” What an irony, so soon indeed. Four more years to go! Trump kicked people physically, Twitter did digitally (which I have noted here that I do not support as a president deserves respect), so, you can be happy with this line “Everything sounds good and nice, until it happens to you”.

  2. Joshua Ikenna chike · Edit

    There’s nothing wrong in kicking out illegal immigrants, most times we let emotions cloud our judgement. Biden is nothing better than Trump. Using the race card to get into presidency only shows how much of a regular manipulative selfish politician he is.


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