The President’s Prayer

The President’s Prayer

Precious Lord, I am your son, Donald*. You have been good to me and my family. Out of nowhere, you took me to the mountaintop, to oversee your amazing American sons and daughters. Thank you thou Lord of Hosts. 

But I have made mistakes when I began my America First fixation. Father, just imagine that last week China had to send medical supplies to New York . My Lord my God, I also had to ask Russian for help. My pride got a big part of me, and today, I come to you for repentance.

I need your help, my Lord, to take your children through this wilderness of coronavirus. I am humbled in my heart. I have despised your Mexican children calling them many bad names. But right now, I am pushing for more visas for them to come into America. We need them in our farms, construction sites, hotels and more for quicker recovery from Covid-19. Politics got into me – and I cannot even understand my inconsistencies!

I will be nice to all children of the world, from my worldly exalted position. Thou shall not allow my enemies to laugh at me; I am already humbled. Father, it pains me that I will need other nations to save an American life. 

I am happy we have doctors from African countries who now make up more than 80% of all black doctors in U.S.; they are saving lives and I thank you for them.  They have home here and we treasure them, and no country is a s*hole.

Do not judge me my God, my heart is clean as snow to all children of the world. I will lead the world, knowing that the weakest link can break the strongest bond. Show grace, Father, and help make this virus just disappear.

In Christ Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.


*Writing a short prayer for the President; no rights reserved.


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