The Radiation Effect Erupting From Our Screens

The Radiation Effect Erupting From Our Screens

The rate at which we are irradiated from our exposure to various screens like liquid crystal display (LED), plasma, etc, are quite alarming and calls for urgent awareness and decisive methods to control them. Irrespective of the screens you are exposed to, when done for a long period of time, it poses a lot of health hazards for the immediate and long term .

The menace of this irradiation stems from our addictive behavior as we interface with these screens. Accessing your favorite screens first thing in the morning and late at midnight are bad examples of the timing to access them. Our devices have become  our romantic partners and we continually romance them throughout the day. Some cannot even do without watching their favorite TV Soaps and programmes that have become ubiquitous and have invaded our privacy.

This is what happens when an individual has been continually exposed to screen radiation. There is a build up process in the cell of the individual and it stiffens the component parts of our body system, especially the central nervous system. It prevents bacteria, viruses and pathogens in our body from performing their day to day activities unhindered. Even though this has not been subjected to clinical evaluation, it is common knowledge that this ultimately leads to various secretions in our body system.

In the event of the above occurring unhindered then various sorts of diseases are invited to take hold of the affected body. Examples are high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, migraine, low sexual drive, lack of appetite, etc . We all know that  not nipping this illnesses in the bud can make them to escalate to other dangerous ones .

Quick palliative measures that can forestall the spread of illnesses when we have undue exposure to technology includes drinking lots of water, eating fruits and eating a balanced diet .

Watch this space for the other parts of this article . We are planning a WhatsApp Seminar on how our lives are affected by technology, and how we can take charge now as working professionals.

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