The Religion Malady

The Religion Malady

Religion is meant to unite the people by teaching them how to love one another, and live together in peace and harmony, irrespective of nationality, tribe or colour. But what do we see today? Discrimination and religious conflicts. Even people with the same religion have conflicts.

Muslim parents would object against their sons and daughters getting married to Christians and vice-versa. Christians would not give Muslims any position in the work environment. These trends continue to grow from generation to generation. It deepens into our heart and causes unnecessary segregation. Are we not human?

It baffles me when I see people make religion the reason for not doing something humane. Where is the love? Where is the humanity?

Seven years ago, I fell in love with a Muslim girl. We truly love each other despite the difference in our religious beliefs. We were not even bothered by the difference between us, we just go with the language of love.

Somehow, my mom got to know about this and immediately object against it. She told me, ”As long as I am still alive, you will never marry a Muslim girl. You are a Christian and we Christians don’t get on the same page with Muslims. They are not righteous. They are into juju.”

She said many things that were not actually true about the Muslim religion. It’s obvious that many people only go with what they hear from shallow-minded people.

I told the girl what my mother said and she told me something quite shocking. She said, ”Of course, we can never get married unless you turn to a Muslim. My parents would rather disown me or kill me if I marry a Christian.”

That was the deal-breaker.

All my life, I struggled to understand why there’s a big disparity in both religions. I read my Bible and I understand one thing – Jesus was always spending his time with the people who are not even righteous. He told the people that he was here because of these people.

You look at our religious leaders, they are doing nothing to help the matter. They always preach against it. They have brainwashed our parents and make them see other religions as unbelievers. Everyone goes about with that mindset and wouldn’t want to associate with people from other religions. It’s so sad.

These are things we don’t really understand from these self-righteous messages that we preach:

  • Hatred: We are spreading hatred instead of love. When you make others see another religion as a barrier to their spiritual growth, they start hating on each other. They start judging each other. But who are we judge another person? Our judgement is always an opinion fueled by our own ego and bias analysis of a person.
  • Disunity: There can never be one nation with this type of mindset. Muslims won’t welcome Christians around them. They won’t even employ them in their own organization. The reason is clear – we are not the same. When you are preaching against another religion, simply know that you are creating disunity. Of course, disunity occurs in the absence of love.
  • Growth is hampered: The nation will never grow. Let’s take a look at Jurgen Klopp’s view about religion. The German tactician once said, ”Mane and Salah always fast at a particular period of time which I respect them for that because it is their religion. They always give their best with or without fasting.” That’s really a great perspective to learn from someone who understands what it takes to be human. What impact does this have on the German coach? He has transformed the Liverpool team into winners. No wonder he is currently the world’s best manager. There can never be growth in a nation that makes a big deal from differences in religions. Remember, no one chooses to be a Christian or a Muslim.

Nigeria is still suffering from this myopic way of thinking. If we are talking about having a one Nigeria, then it starts with our religious beliefs. Everyone should be free to practice the religion he wants. Everyone should fall in love with whosoever he or she deems fit to love and be with.

How someone will treat you is not based on religion. It is based on being humane and having a conscience. I have been dealt with by this so-called born-again. I have been cheated upon by these self-righteous Christians and Muslims.

We need to start looking past all these small talks. They are really not relevant to our growth and development as a nation and the world at large.

God bless the World.

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