The Season of Capabilities

The Season of Capabilities

We graduate and we want opportunities.  We need jobs to support families. They had invested in our education. But as you do that, remember two phases of any career: a season for the accumulation of capabilities and the one for the monetization of capabilities. A good job pays good wage, from employer. But a GREAT job assures good wage from you. That distinction is very important and understanding that will give you job security, in Nigeria.

If 500 Nigerian graduates enter banking in a year, by 5th year, only about 300 would remain. By 15th year, less than 70 from that set would still be in banking. And without oil & gas, and telecoms sectors expanding, most of those banking professionals cannot find second decent jobs in Nigeria. Our economy is really small to absorb them.

There is an implication: most go through career paralysis in mid-age, struggling to make enough money that they made at the onset of their careers. You can avoid that trap by investing early in your career. A job that does not allow you to develop YOU may not be a good one. You would make money but if they cut you, you could be miserable mid-age. And because less than 7% survive to the top, the best is to leave the vacations, second cars, etc and invest early in your career. A Master’s degree could secure your career. An ICAN makes you durable. Find the enabler in your profession.

I had known that PhD is the best job security because the unemployment rate is 0.6% globally. Add engineering, it is less than 0.1% [there is no PhD engineer from an accredited school that wants a job that cannot get one]. My message is build capabilities and by grace lock that future.


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