The Show of Violence Called Election in Nigeria

The Show of Violence Called Election in Nigeria

God willing, this will be the last time I will ever write about Nigerian politics or discuss it. It is draining, disheartening and heartbreaking that things like these still go on in Nigeria in the name of politics and electioneering. 

Here I was thinking that the 25th February 2023 general election is the worst election ever conducted in the history of politics in Nigeria. Little did I know that the worst is yet to come and it will be the gubernatorial election conducted today. It really does seem that the Nigerian system grows from evil to evil; from bad to worst. Never in my life have I ever seen or experienced this level of election thuggery and brazen display of violence that took place today in the guise of the election. 

It appears that everyone who stepped out to vote today was attacked, especially in Lagos state. There is a flood of blood flowing on social media pages from attacks by thugs on victims in the polling units. Even celebrities and public figures were not left out; the nollywood legendary Actress; Chioma Chukwuka had to run for her life from her polling unit after being attacked, same with Kate Henshaw.

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Everyone was attacked; both old, young, man or woman, even the media personnel covering the electoral processes were attacked; an Arise Tv reporter was brutally attacked and beaten and his media equipment was seized by thugs. If you dare to cast your vote and you are seen or marked or appear like someone who will not vote for APC in Lagos state thugs will mob you and chase you out of the polling Unit. 

Some were disenfranchised merely because they looked like Igbos, even after their series of claims that they are Yourubas and should be allowed to vote, they weren’t allowed to vote. Once you look like an Igbo person you will not be allowed anywhere close to the polling unit; this is what Nigerians experienced today, the 18th day of March 2023 in Lagos state. 

Mc Oluomo was seen in a video threatening the Igbos yesterday that if they know they won’t be voting for the Yorubas they should rather stay in their house and not dare to come out; thugs were as well seen in the early hours of today chanting that those who won’t be voting for APC in Lagos state should stay at home otherwise they will meet their Waterloo. 

To top it all, Seventeen INEC ad-hoc staff were abducted today in Imo state. How can all these be happening in 2023? Maybe it has always been happening in previous elections but the availability of technology and smartphones made it possible for people to now record what is happening and for the whole world to see what has been going on in the animal kingdom called Nigeria. 

I have never been this scared of going out to vote and scared for the lives of those that went out to vote. You will be attacked from nowhere by some thugs who have nothing to lose. 

Nigeria is really an animal kingdom; the thought that this election despite the obvious reasons is not an election but a display of violence will never be cancelled and some impostors will be declared winners of this election is saddening.

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