The SuperExit, Bigger for European Fans Than BREXIT

The SuperExit, Bigger for European Fans Than BREXIT

Europe’s finest football teams want to have their own parties. That would help them keep most of the money they make for European football. Yes, If  Real Madrid FC plays with FC Porto, most people are watching because of Real Madrid. However, at the end, Real Madrid may not capture huge value when the revenue is shared. But that spirit of allowing the weak to join that party has kept the game going for ages. Unfortunately, some bankers in New York have figured out a way: have a totally different party that is super-invitation-only and ensure that only the BIG boys could attend!

JP Morgan Chase bankers have American blood: there are no Silver or Bronze medals in most of their competitions. Either you are #1 (gold) or you go home empty handed. NBA, NFL, Hockey league, etc do not recognize runners-up with any public medal. Simply, America does not believe in coming second.

If you export that to the European football, you will get what the bank is saying: why get Rangers of Scotland  to join the Champions League when it has no chance of winning. Yes, it is better to allow the few teams which have won 80% of the last 20 trophies to compete if the ultimate goal is to win the trophy.

In the past, it was the weak teams they were making a case that they would pull out of the unity league. Many of them had complained that limited resources would never help them compete and win anything. In other words, three players in Real Madrid could buy a whole whole team within the qualifying rounds of some Champion League games. But here, the big boys are the ones pulling out, losing patience for sharing their goodies with the underperformers.

But no matter what – European football needs a draft system to improve competition in the game, and reduce the impacts of dominant teams. In the US, with a draft system, talent becomes distributed, making the game more competitive. If you check the NFL, the American football, you can see that most teams have won the trophies. That is possible because the NFL has drafts which inject the best talent to low performing teams to help calibrate out the outperformers. With that, a bad team can over time become better. That contrasts to what we have in Europe where you do not need any permutation to know the league contenders.

The best-known type of draft is the entry draft, which is used to allocate players who have recently become eligible to play in a league. Depending on the sport, the players may come from college, high school or junior teams, or teams in other countries. An entry draft is intended to prevent expensive bidding wars for young talent and to ensure that no one team can sign contracts with all of the best young players and make the league uncompetitive. To encourage parity, teams that do poorly in the previous season usually get to choose first in the postseason draft, sometimes with a “lottery” factor to discourage teams from deliberately losing.

People, this is the real SuperExit which may cause more pains for many in Europe than Brexit.

The Guardian has uncovered an unpublished European Super League document in the hidden code of its new website which seeks to justify the controversial breakaway by saying it will give fans “what they want”.

In comments that will raise eyebrows, it also claims the breakaway will offer “a sustainable and competitive environment for the whole football pyramid” – by providing more than three times the level of solidarity payments to smaller clubs than currently exist.


UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has strongly condemned “disgraceful” proposals for a new European Super League as a “spit in the face of all football lovers”.

“We are all united against this nonsense of a project … The players that will play in the closed league will be banned from playing in the World Cup and Euros,” says UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

Ceferin: “Players who play in the closed league will be banned from participating in the World Cup and the European Championship. They won’t be able to play for their national team.”


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One thought on “The SuperExit, Bigger for European Fans Than BREXIT

  1. They will end up destroying the beautiful game, as some guys have become super greedy. In the same world crying for inequality and yearning for fairness, yet some have decided to upend every equilibrium, just to get more dollars or euros.

    How do you form a team of permanent members and still call it a competition? Clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan and co, have gone for couple of years without winning anything, so how do you keep them as permanent members, their old history?

    And what in the world put Tottenham FC in the league of ‘Big Clubs’, by what measure or standard? It’s obvious that European mafias have hijacked the beautiful game, and they are willing to tell all kinds of lies in order to justify their ignoble and shameful ambitions.

    Football allows fans to dream, so if your boyhood club doesn’t make the ‘Big Clubs’ cut, what else are you dreaming on?

    Will the mafias also licence their own referees and agents? The chaos that could ensue in the coming months and years might end up permanently damaging the game we all love.

    They want to turn football game into grand slams, where the guys that will make it to final are always known.

    Love of money? The Holy Book warned about it…


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