The Theme for My Business Webinar is “Winning in Nigeria (and Africa)”; REGISTER

The Theme for My Business Webinar is “Winning in Nigeria (and Africa)”; REGISTER

Join me in March for my business innovation webinar as we discuss secrets that help founders, startups and entrepreneurs thrive. The theme for this webinar is Winning in Nigeria (and Africa). No matter whatever they tell you – this is the best time to be taking action in Nigeria and Africa. The wealth of the next 30 years is being seeded today, just as the wealth of today was created in 1990s by amalgam of new generation of banking and IT entrepreneurs.

I am not sharing theories from New York or London – this is my 6th time in Africa this year. In short this February, I came into Nigeria twice. There is a reason for that: abundance lives here, but you must have observation and awareness, and then UNLOCK opportunities, to find your moments. I do think – we can inspire people to move to the next level.

Join me and let us have a business conversation – REGISTER here. It is largely free but I want you to pay to appreciate my tim; just $15 or N5,000.

Register: There are two ways to register (please email [email protected] after payment to set up your account):
  • Use Paypal and pay $15 here
  • Pay into any of the Nigerian bank accounts (N5,000) listed here.


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