Home Community Insights Top Ethereum Alternatives To Stack Those June Bags: Near Protocol, Angry Pepe Fork, and Injective

Top Ethereum Alternatives To Stack Those June Bags: Near Protocol, Angry Pepe Fork, and Injective

Top Ethereum Alternatives To Stack Those June Bags: Near Protocol, Angry Pepe Fork, and Injective

The altcoin market is brimming with potential as innovative projects like Angry Pepe Fork (APORK), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Injective (INJ) rise to prominence. APORK is captivating with its unique “Conquer To Earn” system and scarcity-driven value, appealing to investors hunting for the best altcoin to invest in for long-term gains.  Meanwhile, Near Protocol and Injective explosive growth and strategic integrations underscore their expanding influence in the blockchain ecosystem. These altcoins present exciting opportunities for investors aiming to diversify and maximize their portfolios.

Angry Pepe Fork – Where Memes Meet Utility

Angry Pepe Fork ($APORK) is one of the top altcoins that has attracted whales while making waves across the meme coin market. If you missed the early surge of the native Pepe Coin or are a fan of Angry Pepe Frog, this Solana-based project might capture your interest. Angry Pepe Fork stands among other altcoins with its “Conquer To Earn” system.

With a fixed total supply of 1.9 billion tokens, the ecosystem ensures value appreciation through scarcity. Individuals are not left out, as they are rewarded with APORK tokens for demonstrating their prowess and valor on the battlefield and becoming highly decorated members of the APORK community. What is even more unique is that the staking dApp will be live at presale.

In essence, the APORK army will be able to earn collectively through the staking portal. As the APORK army joins in to conquer zombie meme coins, causing havoc in the blockchain, the APY in the staking pool increases as a meme coin is conquered. Meanwhile, the native token of the Angry Pepe Fork ecosystem is APORK. While in stage 1 of the presale, it is sold for $0.014.

Holders of the APORK tokens will earn additional rewards through the staking option and the Conquer to Earn quest. Analysts believe the unique staking ecosystem can trigger massive adoption. As such, they project a 200% rally in presale and 350% when it lists on exchange. With the upcoming partnerships, APORK has all it takes to become one of the best altcoins of 2024.

Bullish Patterns Point to a Bright Future for Injective (INJ)

Renowned crypto analyst Josh Olszewicz predicts a substantial 33% rise in Injective price based on the inverted head and shoulders (iH&S) pattern. This classic bullish chart pattern indicates a potential reversal from recent bearish trends, suggesting new local highs for Injective.

Olszewicz’s analysis is further enriched by Fibonacci extension levels, projecting Injective price targets of $34.74 and $39.09 if the breakout is confirmed. These levels represent critical resistance points where traders may take profits. Also, technical indicators provide a comprehensive outlook, suggesting Injective tokens could rise to $34.74 or even $39.09, marking a 33% increase from current levels. With the rising Injective trading volume, the token could hit $50 in Q3, making it one of the altcoins to watch.

Near Protocol Price Prediction – Analysts Hint at $15 in Q3

Near Protocol, a smart contract Layer 1 protocol, is one of the top altcoins that has witnessed an astounding increase in activity in 2024. The total transactions have surged from 300 million in late August to 1.3 billion recently, with daily throughput reaching a peak of 6 million transactions in late May. This exponential growth in transactions underscores Near Protocol’s rising adoption and network utility.

The integration of NEAR with OKX’s Web3 wallet on May 28 has further bolstered its ecosystem, allowing seamless Near protocol token transfers across 95 different blockchains. The rising network activity has led to more adoption, with the Near Protocol trading volume on the rise. Having reached the $8 mark in March, analysts believe a retest is possible soon. As such, major Near Protocol price predictions hint at the $15 mark in Q3.

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