The Twitter’s BIG Mistake on Trump’s Account

The Twitter’s BIG Mistake on Trump’s Account

I do not think this is the right move by Twitter – banning the United States President is offensive and certainly WRONG. The best option would have been to embargo his tweets by 60 seconds before they become public. That way, you can filter whatever you want. While I am not a fan of Trump, it is very important that the US modulates before it makes a caricature of its ordinance.

The whole idea that the President of the US was “banned” in an open social media platform may not accomplish what Twitter has in mind. Certainly, I am not supporting Trump’s actions which I have written here will lead to one outcome: disgrace. Yes, without grace, the end is always downwards.

It takes a man who has reached the topmost mountain to know the deepest of valleys. I feel like reaching him, and talk about redemption as we do in the Scripture Union. It may be all lighted up in White House but he is certainly seeing the darkness of power. Grace to him.

They even went after @Potus to ensure he is cut-off

Comment on LinkedIn Feed

Comment #1: A mere social media company banning the president of the United State? Dumb people won’t understand the implication, they think it’s about Trump. No, it’s no longer about Trump, but whether a mere social media company can trample on a constituted authority. A president is an institution, not just the office. This is how you prepare for a failed state, by giving ordinary people the impression that anyone can capture power, it’s a very dangerous trajectory.

When people cheer a nonsense like this, their own freedom is imperilled. If you think a social media company could have such powers to decide who has a voice or not, then you are automatically a slave.

Some things should remain sacrosanct, irrespective of ideological differences, a president remains a president until the last minute, it is the Constitution that determines when the time is up, at which point he loses legitimacy, it cannot happen ahead of time, else you are calling for anarchy.

The social media companies will soon be converted to publishing firms, since they have been inching to become gatekeepers. No single entity should be powerful enough to be both prosecutor and judge; it will be catastrophic if does happen.

Comment #2: Ndubuisi Ekekwe are you now saying Twitter should create an exception? This company and many others have been under the scrutiny of the Congress with respect to how their operations or community affects security and politics. Why should they risk being fined ? I don’t know why the president should be treated differently when he violates terms and condition of the said service or community. I don’t know why you came up with this, but it’s sounds like what we do in Nigeria- the law is for some and not for everyone.

My Response to #2: Pick a newspaper tomorrow, check those on the cover pages. They are not people in your village and mine. Those people hold influence. It is an illusion to think the law is blind and T&C apply equally. If I am to do it, I will filter his tweets as they are doing now in @POTUS where they are moderating him since that property belongs to the US Government and Twitter cannot ban it. Moderate him for two weeks and then put him in the bucket like everyone. Sure, I do not expect the President of Nigeria, US, Mali, etc to be treated the same way as I am treated! 

#2 AGAIN: My concern here is that your focus is on his portfolio or office and not the insecurity that he orchestrated. Congress is even thinking of disarming him of the nuclear passcodes, my goodness, no disrespect for the president’s office but the man there has fallen below standard and no longer act in the interest of the people. I rest my case.

My last response: Embargoing his tweet by 60 sec will be a balance. You have to respect that office. 


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