The Updated Nigeria’s National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy

The Updated Nigeria’s National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy

Here is a summary of the National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy for Nigeria. The following is the lead statement from the President announcing it.  Download the full report here.




On 23 February 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled the National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy 2021 as the overarching policy and strategy framework for driving Nigeria’s cybersecurity efforts towards the attainment of our national objectives.


Nigeria is currently at a turning point in its history. The country is blessed with a young and vibrant population which has the potential to exploit the benefits of the Internet to enhance economic progression and improve national security. Nigeria is also witnessing a rapid surge in the adoption of the Internet and social media for almost all aspects of daily life. Therefore, there is no argument that the Internet or cyberspace is now central and indispensable to the country’s national development.  

  1. However, like several other countries across the globe, the growth and development of the Internet is accompanied by significant problems. We are witnessing a rise in threats posed by cybercriminals, online financial fraudsters and cyber terrorists who use the Internet to cause apprehension. We are also observing a surge in the use of the Internet and social media for propagation of hate speech, fake news and seditious messages, as well as the risks of breaches to personal information and government sensitive data. Some global events such as the rapid emergence of new technologies, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the advent of 5G technology, have further widened the scope and diversification of these cyber threats.
  2. Therefore, in a bid to ensure that we effectively embrace and harness the benefits of the digital revolution while effectively combating the heightening risks of cyber threats, it became expedient to review Nigeria’s National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy 2014 and develop a comprehensive National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy 2021 for the common good of the country. The document was formulated by a multi-stakeholder committee comprising representatives from various sectors of the Nigerian economy including Government agencies, private sector, academia, professional organisations and the international community. The National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy 2021 will provide Nigeria with the necessary platform to effectively confront the dynamic nature of threats in our cyberspace. The document will also provide the framework that would enable us harness the efforts of our private sector, academia and industry towards progressive economic and national development. To this end, the document will provide the roadmap for technical education, digital skills acquisition and indigenous technology production, thereby creating job opportunities for our youths and supporting our resolve to alleviate poverty and boost our economy.


  1. The National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy 2021 signifies the rejuvenation and renewal of President Muhammadu Buhari’s promise and commitment to Nigeria’s national security and economic prosperity and it ensures that our National Cybersecurity Programme is prioritized among other national exigencies.


  1. Mr President ended his speech by commending the efforts of the National Security Adviser (NSA) and his staff as well as other stakeholders for the remarkable work in developing the document and contributions towards strengthening the development of cybersecurity in Nigeria. The President urged the National Security Adviser (NSA) to continue to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria’s Internet and cyberspace are used for the enhancement of national security and economic progression. He finalised his speech by saying that he is confident that, together we can pave the path for the creation of new opportunities to usher Nigeria into a bright future driven by a prosperous cyberspace and digital economy.

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