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The US Scores Twice Over the Rest of the World, As OpenAI Makes Google Better!

The US Scores Twice Over the Rest of the World, As OpenAI Makes Google Better!

Google has unveiled new Gemini models as the battle with OpenAI intensifies on generative AI.  The recently released OpenAI’s GPT-4o is super-amazing.  And  Google’s Project Astra, an AI agent that responds to audio and video, seems to be of the same species with that GPT-4o.

The introduction of GPT-4o, the latest iteration in OpenAI’s esteemed GPT series, represents a quantum leap in AI capabilities. With superior speed and enhanced proficiency in text, video, and audio processing, GPT-4o heralds a new era of AI sophistication. 

The company said GPT-4o achieves GPT-4 Turbo-level performance on text, reasoning, and coding intelligence while setting new high watermarks on multilingual, audio, and vision capabilities.

“With GPT-4o, we trained a single new model end-to-end across text, vision, and audio, meaning that all inputs and outputs are processed by the same neural network. Because GPT-4o is our first model combining all of these modalities, we are still just scratching the surface of exploring what the model can do and its limitations,” the company said in a blog post.

Left and right, OpenAI has made Google a better company. Yes, Google is now forced to innovate for the good of the customers. I am using Google Search’s summaries more often these days, saving me time on clicking to get information. If that continues, we may not even need links, but that redesign may force Google to ask us to pay subscriptions. (I am a paid Google One subscriber).

As this rivalry intensifies, this is how I see this: the battle is now between  OpenAI/Apple/Microsoft vs. Google. I think it is a draw right now. I posit that OpenAI will dominate the enterprise market because of Microsoft which knows how to sell things to companies, while Google will continue to rule in the consumer world. (Apple will be using OpenAI. Microsoft has been funding OpenAI and some of its projects have been baked with OpenAI technologies.)

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But at the grand scheme, the global score is

  • America: 2
  • The rest of the world: 0

Yes, on the principle of positive continuum, and network effect which AI lives on, America is well ahead on this. If we model that companies at the upstream capture more than 70% of the value compared with 30% for those at the downstream, it may not be out of order to say that AI will help US sustain its economic dominance for more decades, and the concern of China taking over may now be muted, at least in the next 3 decades.


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1 THOUGHT ON The US Scores Twice Over the Rest of the World, As OpenAI Makes Google Better!

  1. The AI hype is over the roof simply because US is winning there, if not, you are never going to hear anything like AI changing the world. None of these is really about innovation or human development, but POWER. All the embellishments are there to keep you distracted from the actual things: power and control. There is something to learn.

    Who remembers when 5G technology looked like it would be the next big thing and how did it pan out? America was way behind on that count, and there was no route for it to catch up, and so 5G technology suddenly became another also-ran, and Huawei was nearly destroyed in the attack that ensued.

    Our problem is that we are too gullible in this part of the world, and so once you hear that a technology will change our world, you bought into the gimmick, without ever questioning how exactly and to whose advantage. It is not everything sold to you as being great you must accept and promote, there are things you must suppress, even when they are good, in order to guarantee your own existence. This may not make sense to some people, but it’s exactly how the world operates.

    If you keep saying that Harvard is great, Stanford is wonderful, you are not going to have a great university in your home country.

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