The Vision of Medcera CareAI for Africa

The Vision of Medcera CareAI for Africa

Massive registration since we launched Medcera fully. Thank you all for the support.

Medcera is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system with patient and healthcare professional modules, supporting patients, doctors, labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, health insurers and other healthcare institutions. 

Our solution is free unless we have to do customization and training for the partner. Medcera meets HIPAA compliance on security and privacy. With Medcera your health record will be in one location irrespective of where you live and travel to. We also have a messaging system to work with doctors, and other health practitioners.

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Medcera CareAI is coming – it will offer families the capabilities to have “digital doctors” which can help them on minor health issues. Put your symptoms via our simple questionnaire, our CareAI will analyse and relying on your health records will make recommendations on treatment. It will prescribe drugs on basic health issues if our model passes a certain confidence interval. The prescription will be sent to the default Pharmacy in your patient Medcera dashboard.  If below the interval, it will call our on-call doctor who can then help the patient. For all that, we will ask for a very small annual plan.

I will be happy if you can create an account on and sign-up. We are growing. Recommend Medcera to your doctor, lab, imaging, pharmacy and more.

Medcera Patient dashboard

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