The Wealth in Markets

The Wealth in Markets

The wealth in markets…nations rise when great companies emerge. Imagine if your pension in Abuja was put in a Tesla version of Nigeria, you would be up by 7250%. Like I tell some young people here: do not follow most Americans, their grandparents bought shares more than 50 years ago and all they do is pick small bits and enjoy. Those vacations and funs are excessive because you do not have those special “insurance policies” to economic upheavals.

Just imagine if at the beginning of a year, from dividends and sales of say 5%, you are guaranteed that grandparents investments will bring $70k into your purse. It is very common. My classmate in Johns Hopkins was up $2 million, from investments his grandfather made on him the day he was born! Yet, at the same time, his father was funding his education, irrespective of the gifts from grandparents.

How can we make Nigeria better? My answer has always been free and fair elections! You may have different ideas.


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