The Web Converging into Facebook – The Holy Grail of Its Popularity

First, how many websites do you see these days with the Facebook Like and Share buttons? Possibly, many, especially if they are in the business of trying to connect people. Having those buttons today is the hallmark or the definition of web 2.0. Developers and webmasters want to emphasize the readiness of their sites by reminding everyone that they have Facebook buttons.


With that invention, Facebook has left a lot of digital marks on most sites across the globe. It is default these days in most WordPress blogs. Even some corporate websites like banks integrate it. It is so useful that nearly all news media have them. Leave those buttons, you are missing a tool to connect with people and grow traffic.


So there is an implication. The web can indeed morph into Facebook. If we all depend and continuously use these tools from Facebook, every website will have the Facebook marker. What that means is that other sites are morphing into Facebook. We are evolving to become an interface to Facebook.


This small but truly innovative tool is what makes investors treasure in Facebook. When a website is that ubiquitous, its network effect becomes unparalleled and in the world of money, it will have no equals. That is the holy grail and that is why it is very popular in the investment circuits – it wants all social networks to convert at

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