The WhatsApp and Slack Discussion Groups Created By Participants of Tekedia Mini-MBA

The WhatsApp and Slack Discussion Groups Created By Participants of Tekedia Mini-MBA

Thank you Tosin Asonibare and Segla Segla PMP, CLSSBBP, MBA for what you are doing for our community at Tekedia Mini-MBA. The cumulative feedback from many attending the WhatsApp & Slack group sessions is superb. It is amazing how hundreds of members have come  together within 4 days for the chats. From our Faculty, we will continue to work hard to have contents that educate and inspire.

And to Arinze Onyeasigbulem (an undergrad), I am confident that you are learning as you provide support to these professionals in these communities.

Congratulations to our community members. The record is that hundreds of members joined Tekedia Mini-MBA WhatsApp & Slack groups for knowledge sharing today. The discussion was on Digital Transformation and Innovation. The yesterday one focused on Innovation & Growth. As noted, Tekedia Institute is not coordinating this event though we support it. I want to THANK senior community members across the world who are helping our young ones to learn and understand.

Some of the participants fed me in on how impactful it was examining the lecture notes and the class videos. This is the original goal: a community to co-learn and co-share. Please go to the Digital Board and join the group. They have a Slack group also.

We continue to welcome new members to Tekedia Mini-MBA

To our community members, I suggest you join if you have time. The update was they spent 4 hours today examining the management constructs from  Week 1. Join the Slack group as they are out of space on the limited Whatsapp capacity. Link is in the Week 1 Board.

We continue to register new learners; join us.


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