My Book: “Appropriation of Global Resources and Development Challenges in Africa”

My Book: “Appropriation of Global Resources and Development Challenges in Africa”

Here are my little scholarly contributions to the society and the Black race in particular. I am very happy to share my thoughts, and I am very confident that you will find value in it. The book tithed Appropriation of Global Resources and Development Challenges in Africa gained feat from a concern with the contemporary African situation. Which reveals an asymmetrical inter-action between the world’s regions and poverty in the developing world, though; this is not peculiar to Africa as other climes have the same development challenges.

The appropriation of global resources results from the complex interplay between the global north and the global south. However, it seems that the developed nations are the major beneficiaries of such inter-action as their share of world trade and finance have been expanded at the expense of developing countries in general; Frank (1972) has called this process “the development of underdevelopment.” In this view, the development of the rich nations and the underdevelopment of the poor ones are but two sides of the same coin, as underdevelopment of some nations has made development for other nations possible, and the development of other nations made the underdevelopment of other nations possible.

The importance of this book cannot be overemphasized, as the book vividly x-rayed the unequal distribution of resources at the international spheres of relations, which the reader will subsequently discover. The book further reveals the ecological disorganization, massive poverty, debt crisis and consequent underdevelopment in Africa as caused by the arrogation of global resources by the global north.

Writing this book is a bit like gathering some raw materials and through an extensively refining process, shapes them into a finely tuned high performance automobile. Hopefully, the facts and interpretation that follow will make a significant contribution towards reinforcing the conclusion that Africa’s underdevelopment exist because Africa holds a peripheral position in the League of Nations. And the only possibility for Africa to be ranked among the category-kings in the comity of nations is on the basis of a radical break with the international capitalist system of dependence, which has been the principal agency of underdevelopment of Africa over the last five centuries.

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