The Will Smith and Bianca Ojukwu Slaps

The Will Smith and Bianca Ojukwu Slaps

If you cheered Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu on for slapping Mrs. Ebelchukwu Obiano and now condemning Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock, then you are a hypocrite, and you are one of the things wrong with the society. It is totally hypocritical to support one slapper and condemn the other slapper.

You cannot support one and frown against the other. Let us all agree that both actions are wrong, crude, unlawful, and a jailable offense, it doesn’t matter in which society it happened or who was the slapper, or who was at the receiving end of the slap.

Those calling for Will Smith’s apology should as well bring it home and call our Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu to publicly apologize to not just Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano but the entire public for engaging in such a demeaning action and disrupting a good and ceremonial day with an unceremonious slap.

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I’m aware that in Bianca/ Ebelechukwu’s case, the evidence proved that Ebelechukwu asked for it by first approaching the seat of Mrs. Ojukwu and engaging her in a verbal brawl but whatever the action or grievances are, you cannot and should not physically attack or assault another person unless you are physically attacked first. The defense of personal defense can only avail you in law if the other person physically attacked you first and for this defense to avail you, your retaliatory physical attack must be proportional or in proportionate measure to the prior attack you are reacting to.

Therefore, a person cannot verbally abuse you or slander you and you react with a fist and physical assault claiming you have a defense, the law does not work that way and he who wants equity must do equity and whoever is coming to equity must approach the equity palace with a clean hand.

When highly placed individuals who ought to know better engage in the public display of tomfoolery and public show of crudeness and shenanigan then you will be forced to wonder where the society is heading; if the society is heading back to its natural state where the big and powerful feast on small at will and jungle justice is the only justice available to man.

The problem with actions like these in the aftermath of it on society. If it is not sternly punished to deter others from doing it then slapping or physically assaulting people at the slightest opportunity or provocation will become the order of the day. Predictably, some netizens are already sending mild threats and calling out some people asking them to be careful how they address them in public henceforth if not what befell Chris Rock will befall them.

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