The World’s Greatest Business Model Of Our Time [Video]

The World’s Greatest Business Model Of Our Time [Video]

The most dominant technology companies in our contemporary era deploy this business model in the mechanics of fixing market frictions at different levels. If you run a technology venture, you must understand it because empires of the future will be built around it. 

Yes, in the unbounded and unconstrained distribution model enabled by the internet, a business framework that works is already evident. Aggregation-Integration Construct (AIC) will unlock more values in Nigeria and Africa over the next coming years than any business model out there. In this video, I explain AIC.


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3 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Business Model Of Our Time [Video]

  1. You must be able to foresee and recognise the direct, adjacent, tangential and intrinsic values derivable from whatever products or services you are offering; that’s essentially an end-to-end construct, where no money is left on the table.

    The same crude oil that gives petrol and gas continues to metamorphose into fertilizer and plastics, and it goes on and on.

    In the digital constructs, the fundamentals haven’t changed, only your visioning capability can limit what can be captured in your value chain.


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