They Build Steel and Tube, Uganda Is Put on Solid Foundation

Steel & Tube Industries Ltd (STIL) was incorporated in 2003, starting with bulk manufacture of steel tubes and plates and today is one of the leading producers of steel products in the region, manufacturing galvanised iron sheets, MAT-Tiles sheets, hollow sections, expanded metals, bottle sections and fascia boards.



Customised to buyer’s exact specification
Base metal assures durability under effect of adverse weather
Double coating [Aluminum and Paint] resists penetration of rain and dust
Free delivery for bulk orders within Kampala
Prepainted and Galvanised sheets are supplied with Valleys, Ridges and Gutters


Machine-made from mild steel wire with different sizes
In fastening sheathing, shingles, clapboard… the nails should be at least 3 times longer than the thickness of the sheet of the sheet or board being fastened with it.
A nail driven perpendicular to the grain should penetrate the lumber a minimum of 12 times its diameter
Engineering industries
Steel industries and Construction
Carpentry, Furniture, Roofing as well as fencing?

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