This Company Funds Startups – Amoo Is Coming With Cash This October in Nigeria

Thanks to the tipster who sent this link to us about the coverage of G-Nigeria. VC  Advisory (Amoo) participated in the recent tech events in Nigeria:


The talks I delivered were on Scaling For Growth and Gearing Up For Venture Capital. This was a quick run-through investment readiness from the investors’ and entrepreneurs’ viewpoints. Watch this space for announcements regarding Amoo’s October 2011 investment readiness programmes in Lagos and Abuja.


You better read that writeup because when the pros pen things down, they share wisdom. Read it. But the biggest news is that they are coming into town to invest, this October. This makes this very interesting.


But did you notice the person that is coming? He was an associate at PIMCO – one of the worlds best bond powerhouses.  If this guy invests in your company, you are getting more than cash, but mentoring and visioning. So, now is the time to spend time on this website and master what they want so that your chances will be improved. Read about their investment strategy and some of the portfolios they hold and see how that align with your startup or company. Cash can rain in Abuja and Lagos this October – you better prepare!


Amoo: Nurture Your Business

Welcome to Amoo Venture Capital Advisory. Amoo is a trailblazing boutique firm focused on Venture Capital (VC). VC is a niche source of funding and one of the few with an appetite for risk that matches the uncertainty that comes with pioneering innovative ventures. In a nutshell, it is a catalyst for new industries and ground-breaking global companies such as Facebook and Google. We provide the best in class service to maximise your business potential and grow your business project to maturity i.e. from initial proof of concept to mass market growth. Our specialists are focused on offering the best solutions to bring your venture to fruition. We are attentive to your needs, get into the trenches with you and help you through each stage of your business proposition.



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