Thrive With Mental Toughness

Thrive With Mental Toughness

By Dipo Olaitan

In the last few weeks, I had experienced similar challenges but had encountered different results. This has made me to really ask myself a question like, “why different results?” (The latter result was better than the former).

You might say the difference was because I have learnt a lesson from my previous mistakes. That’s true, I won’t dispute that fact. But the difference in result was not really based on a different approach but a different mindset and attitude in facing the problem.

This has made me want to know how I can continue to have this mindset, and attitude in tackling problems. Yes, though I might not be able to determine the absolute outcome of the problem, but I can be able to shape the outcome.

Have you ever experienced an opportunity you and a person had, but that person was able to achieve a better result than you, even under a tougher condition than yours.

During these periods, the person had always shown a positive mental attitude, and it had looked like to you this person has everything working well for him or her, not until they shared their stories, on how they achieved the success. It was then you would realize you had a better advantage than them. This brings us to what we call being “Mentally Tough “.

source: youdost

According to Gucciardi, Gordon & Dimmock,  “To be mentally tough is a collection of values, attitudes, behaviors and emotions that enable you persevere and overcome any obstacle, adversity, or pressure experienced but also to maintain concentration and motivation when things are going well to consistently achieve your goals”.

Being mentally tough also involves the ability to be accountable and responsible in the face of adversity, irrespective of the circumstances.

Life does not give us what we demand or expect; we need the right attitude and mindset to get the best out of life. Being “mentally tough” will help us see the positive things about life, and help us to have the right attitude in the face of adversity.

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