Tomorrow, Trump Makes Way As Biden Takes Over

Tomorrow, Trump Makes Way As Biden Takes Over

The world is a stage. If you fail to understand that, you will disappoint yourself. Tomorrow, Trump moves and Biden takes over. That is how it is. Do not take things too seriously, because at the end of everything, nothing is permanent. I witnessed two unbelievable scenes in Texas on two different occasions: a then-current GMD of NNPC, Nigeria’s oil corporation, was arriving for the annual oil industry OTC conference; everyone followed him, with a legion of aides. 

On January 20, Donald Trump’s era as the US president ends, and Joe Biden’s begins with a mammoth of challenges to confront. Trump’s four years in the Oval Office has been one of the most contentious and scandalous in the history of the United States, dividing the country in millions along political and racial lines.

In 2016 when Trump became the 45th president of the United States, the world’s most powerful nation was leading the world on many fronts; economically and otherwise. The pacesetter in global affairs just had eight years of leadership that most of the world didn’t scorn and frown much about under Barack Obama. From its great depression, America rose to economic figures that did not only bring the jobs back, but also set the country on the path of a great economic future.

Simply, it was like a big masquerade was coming to the village square. (In southeastern Nigeria, some money-miss-road men will demand you address them in plural: “They have arrived; I am honoured to welcome all of you” even when one man is standing before you!)  Three years later, I saw the same man (no more the GMD) arriving for the conference. Before me was a man struggling to carry his three bags, and few noticed!

The effervescence of power should make us humble. It should help us to appreciate the vanity of time because everything has an expiration date. Do not make people respect you primarily because of your position in the society. Desire for them to respect you because of you being you, even in the midst of that power.. That way, even when the power is gone, some young people can help you carry one of those bags.

We wish Trump the best, and hope Biden can lead the world to a more hopeful one for all.

As Trump’s Era Ends in Chaos, Biden Hopes to Begin with Healing


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One thought on “Tomorrow, Trump Makes Way As Biden Takes Over

  1. He who speaks very well is listened to; he who is powerful is feared; he who is learned is esteemed; but only he who is steeped in great charity is loved! Always remember these lines for the rest of your life, you can choose where to stand.

    That being said, so, the man Trump is finally going? American politics will now become boring, we already know what regular politicians do, no surprises anymore! Even the media will miss him, because he gives them fresh headlines everyday, now they will go back to regurgitating and telling people how to think…

    The world is a rollercoaster, being wrong or right in a political discourse is a matter of convenience, it remains subjective, because it’s not a moral class, not many good people are found in that space anyway.

    Freedom and liberty are not government legislated rights, they are natural rights, so don’t ever think that any government is doing you some special favour for allowing you to think and speak freely, it’s an aberration to do otherwise.

    When you seek and know the Truth, the one with uppercase, that is when you can see the light…



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