Towards Effective Development of State Infrastructures in Nigeria

Towards Effective Development of State Infrastructures in Nigeria

Nigerian states have lower capacities to build critical infrastructures. As the new governors take oath of office, my recommendation is for them, at regional levels, to pool resources and examine projects. It would be another challenging four years on infrastructural development if they do not band together.

Nigeria’s rate of infrastructure development at state level has slowed after sub-division of states as we lost the economies of scale. We merely expanded bureaucracy, exotic cars, security votes and available political jobs while structurally weakening our competitiveness compared when Nigeria was 19 states.

If you look at the numbers – Nigeria built roads, airports, dams, etc faster when the nation had 19 states than when it became 36 states.

Nigerian States. Note: In 27 May 1967 the regions were dissolved and 12 statescreated, subsequently further divided into 19 states and a federal capital territory (3 Feb 1976), 21 states (23 Sep 1987), 30 states (27 Aug 1991), and 36 states(1 Oct 1996). 27 Aug 1991 Abia state created from part of Imo.


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