Training 2.0 – Why Corporations Are Training African Developers, Free, On Their Platforms

It is a new world.  And we are all living it.  Nokia offers free Java training for developers. Blackberry matches it. Google is constantly finding a room to bring developers together. Everyone wants that killer Apps to be in their ecosystem. There is nothing like watching as firms compete for attention. We mean, they want you to use their platforms, over the competitor. Who knows, in the near future, they may be paying people to build in their platforms.


This process starts this way – they train and help developers setup the structure so that they can develop in their platforms. They select the best entrepreneurs- people with passions – and use them to build and expand opportunities, locally and globally.  This is all good and we like it. Nokia has sponsored many in Uganda and Kenya. Nigerians are also getting lots of help from these giants.


But remember, they do not just accept novice. They take those that are already doing cool things in the platforms and make them better. So to make the cut, you must work hard to stay ahead and get in the game. You need to start developing right away to have any luck.


————-a Sample from Nokia—

14 week Java training

Nokia is offering a unique opportunity  to software developers in Kenya and Uganda.
We are offering a 14 week course on Java ME development for mobile handsets to the top developers in both countries.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about leveraging mobile phone technology to develop applications that will bring useful service to local communities and create prosperous businesses.
The training will be fully sponsored by Nokia, and we are therefore looking for applicants who have a strong academic track record, and demonstrated interest in mobile technology.
All applicants must have minimum of 1 year of Java development experience to qualify to participate in  this training.

The course will run for 14 weeks beginning from 7th of February to 13th of May 2011, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Registration has been closed, thank you for all the applications! We will contact the selected participants during week 5. We will also keep you posted on upcoming events in Kenya and Uganda!


For more information contact:
Teemu Kiijarvi
Forum Nokia Developer Relations Manager


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