With Twitter’s Local Trends, Nigerians Can Connect Better. Yet, That is Not Enough. Twitter Must Go Deeper

TechLoy reports that Twitter has launched local trends in  many cities around the world, with Nigeria included.


In November 2010, Twitter announced that they were expanding local trends to 14 new countries and 6 new cities, which included some of the site’s fastest growing markets. Just last week, Twitter added Nigeria to the list of countries with local trends.


At the moment, only Lagos, apparently the largest Twitter community in Nigeria is listed on Twitter’s ‘Local Trends’. Twitter had previously explained that “locations are not manually selected, but rather displayed dynamically based on tweet volume.”


Internet provided the platform to centralize, but in coming years, opportunities will emerge in localization. What Twitter is doing is such a pattern that will continue to evolve in coming months. If you do not provide local contents, you will pay for it. Groupon has shown the world the power of localization. Even Facebook will be forced in coming months to have a way to connect Nigerians and create a community for them. The same will apply to all cities and nations. Our attention span is reducing because of excess information capacity so firms must work really hard to provide data and info that people want on time and in formats they want them.


Yet, Twitter is not doing enough with this new service, they have to go further.  They must target micro groups in the nation – IT guys, fashion people, etc and then create platforms for them within Nigeria. That way they will be sure to prevent disruptions.


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