Translate Vision – Take ACTION

Translate Vision – Take ACTION

We will return to Nigeria (Feb and March 2019) to help companies and startups in translating their visions into products and services. We will be running growth and execution workshops, providing critical tools to help startups and companies deepen their capabilities in the market.

Our moments are unique because we bring entrepreneurial redesigns in our frameworks which are simply uncommon. As we learn from the markets through our businesses, we refine our processes, and using them, we help our partners to win. We have limited space and currently scheduling sessions.

Connect with my team to schedule a session. Below are some services we offer.

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 6 – May 6 2023) has startedClick and register here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program if you register by Nov 30, 2022. Beat the early bird for free books, discounts and other bonuses. 

  • Discovery Innovation Workshop: To innovate is to set a new basis of competition in an economy, business sector or market. Typically, it results to disruption. This workshop will focus on innovation and growth because growth is the reward of innovation. Otherwise, that innovation is actually an invention. I will be the lead instructor with my supporting crew. The table below provides the workshop structure. We can adapt this workshop to two days.
  • Founders Mentoring: We offer a service where we mentor emerging founders or business leaders as they build their companies. The founders /leaders would have direct access to our leaders, and we would guide them on business processes and systems. Through this service, they would email, speak, WhatsApp and Skype without restriction on issues affecting their companies. Simply, we become part of the ecosystem of the company.
  • Innovation Presentation: This is a four-hour seminar where we will present what is happening in your market, customized for your company, and then offer insights on how you can plot your strategies to win. This goes beyond industry statistics and typical SWOT analysis. We work to help clients see their markets in new ways, providing roadmaps on how they can unlock opportunities. It is an intense talk, combining technology, finance, political economy and strategy. As technology redesigns markets, I break the implications in short, medium and long-terms.
  • Development of Business Roadmap & Strategy: A business plan is not enough to anchor business execution. A Roadmap Document is required especially in a sector which is in a state of flux [changing market, changing model, startup, competition, regulation, etc]. To avoid pursuing many windy paths or dead ends, a roadmap helps to encapsulate a profitable path to the vision with pillars and enablers necessary for success.



#1. Advance your career, run your business better with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Feb 6 – May 6, 2023): cost is N60,000 naira ($140). Click and register here.

#2. Click here and register for Tekedia Startup Masterclass and master business secrets from start-up to unicorn. Cost is N180,000 naira ($400).

#3. Click here to join Tekedia Capital Syndicate and own a piece of Africa’s finest startups with small investment.

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