Transsion, Maker of Tecno, Infinix and Itel, Should Integrate Qualcomm Vision Intelligence

Transsion, Maker of Tecno, Infinix and Itel, Should Integrate Qualcomm Vision Intelligence

By Nnamdi Odumody

Leading OEMs, ODMs and other ecosystem collaborators have integrated the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platforms to deliver powerful computing for edge and on-device camera processing and machine learning with exceptional thermal efficiency across a wide range of IOT (internet of things) applications.

According to Jeffrey Torrance, VP Business Development Qualcomm Technologies, by leveraging the power and security of their application processor technology, they are bringing platform solutions together with a broad base of customers and creating an ecosystem for connected intelligent cameras.

The Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Vision 300 and 400 platforms support AI and ML Functions such as tracking, identification and classification of people, objects, and sounds. It uses  the latest purpose built QS605 and QCS603 SoCs that are ideal for running machine learning and other edge computing use cases that require video processing and analytics support with real time stitching for simultaneous multi-video streams while running concurrent applications.

The Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence 400 Platform is purpose built to bring powerful visual computing and edge computing for machine learning to virtual reality and action camera applications.

The platform features Qualcomm Technologies’ first family of system-on-chips (SoCs) built specifically for IoT in an advanced 10-nanometer process and is engineered to support exceptional power and thermal efficiency. It also features Qualcomm Technologies’ most advanced image sensor processor (ISP) and digital signal processor (DSP) to date, along with cutting-edge CPU, GPU, camera processing software, connectivity and security.

The platform also integrates proven connectivity, superior audio and hardware based security to support the development of IOT devices with advanced security features.

Vision AI Development Kit, built on the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence 300 Platform and Microsoft Azure

The applications of this includes smart security cameras, sports cameras, smart watches, smart glasses, next generation smart phones, AR and VR headsets, robotics, inventory management, dashcams, smart cities, smart factories, smart transport, smart homes and smart logistics.

Nigeria and Africa focused OEMs like Transsion, makers of Tecno, Itel and Infinix, should collaborate with Qualcomm to integrate these solutions and develop intelligent products for the augmented customer of this era.

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