Trump Makes History!

Trump Makes History!

Poor Donald Trump; running America seems different from flipping houses and building skyscrapers. If this is a company, he has clearly lost majority control with 10 Republicans joining Democrats to deliver the eviction notice (as in real estate) with the Senate possibly going to be the judge! Sure, he would be acquitted but he is tainted. I am evidently sure that Mr. Trump would not like his standalone new world record: two gbozaas of impeachments for one president.

President Donald Trump has become the first U.S. president to be impeached twice, following a bipartisan condemnation of the insurrection he orchestrated at the U.S. Capitol against Congress last week Wednesday.

In a swift move that was backed by both Democrats and Republicans, the House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump after attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment failed. Ten Republicans including House’s No.3 Republican, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, voted with Democrats to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection”, making it the second time in barely one year the House was voting for Trump’s impeachment.

Meanwhile, members of the US National Guard have arrived in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. The Pentagon is deploying as many as 15,000 National Guard troops to protect the inauguration on January 20, amid fears of new violence. These  15,000 troops equal 3 times the number of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

My question is this: considering what is happening in Washington, what can Nigeria learn?

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Comment from LinkedIn Feed

I don’t know what Nigeria could learn, because we are grouped in tribes, religions, not parties or political ideologies. Ethnicity and religion have the greatest weights in our case, so the real argument will disappear, once you turn it into ‘our person’ and ‘those that hate us’; from this point, everything is going downhill.

The National Assembly has encouraged or suggested to the president to change his service chiefs, and what did the latter do? Cold shoulder! If it were to be in the US, it’s enough reason to introduce Articles of Impeachment, just frame it as ‘the president is killing his compatriots’, the heat would be so much that meetings will be going on day and night, just to see how many congress people that could be placated. Try it here, magically, the DSS could barricade the Assembly Complex, the lazy Police and military will flood the roads as hawkers and people returning from a vigil.

America is America, if you push too much there, the same people previously supporting you would turn around and tell you that you are mad, suddenly, you are left in the cold. Their political experimentation has matured to the level that if you get too angry and think that people will be afraid of you, they even punish you the more.

Trump Impeached for Incitement of Insurrection


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