Two Nigerian Firms on “One Oasis Strategy” for Harvard Business Review

Two Nigerian Firms on “One Oasis Strategy” for Harvard Business Review

Many months ago, we started working with many African clients on the One Oasis Strategy (read it here).  That was before I made it public on my blog. Later this month, you would read in the Harvard Business Review how this strategy has helped two of the companies – ATB Techsoft and Amaecom. Specifically in Nigeria, during the time of market turbulence driven by forex, oil prices, political systems and security, how you invest matters.

Just as Amazon cloud (AWS) was built to grow the Amazon ecommerce business before it became a product itself, there are many ways you can structure your capital to make it work better. Yes, you need to invest in the oasis because that is the best place to invest in a desert. ATB Techsoft is an indigenous software company while Amaecom is an asset financing company. With one oasis strategy, these institutions improved significantly in the creation of value and the utilization of assets. They are now better positioned to win more markets in the respective markets.

ATB Techsoft is not just innovating on technology but also on business model; the FinUltimate software suite is winning market share. Amaecom has moved into private sector asset financing with its public-sector leading buy now pay later.

Meanwhile, I have a piece coming out this week in the Harvard Business Review. It is on African entrepreneurs. I will share here once it is live.

Simply, if you build your investment around that main product, you will find success, because those Investments will have a clear internal “customer”, and that reduces market risks. In other words, if your new business investments are geared to support the best product, and the best product is doing well, it implies the risks on the new investments will be easily managed. Provided the best product continues to do well, demand on the new investment is assured (i.e. the customer exists, irrespective of the external market). That is the One Oasis Strategy.

In the One Oasis Strategy, the key element is to align business innovation to favour the best product in the company on utility, value and cost which over time would help the firm compete better externally. It is firstly an inward looking management system, and offers a firm an opportunity to test strategies, models, business systems and production processes, perfecting them before they are launched for outside customers. Yes, with one oasis, a firm refines its process, technology and product, positioning it for success.



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  1. It’s great to see the One Oasis Strategy working for two indigenous companies. The way it works paints the mental picture of an efficient and skillful Barcelona team built around a talented, tested, and trusted Lionel Messi. A winning strategy.


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