Update Your Resume for New Roles – Remote Work Administraton [Apply]

Update Your Resume for New Roles – Remote Work Administraton [Apply]

Something new is in the labour market: remote work manager,  remote work administrator,  director of remote work, etc. Yes, companies are opening and hiring positions to coordinate the amalgam of professionals who are now working remotely, arising out of the massive dislocation from Covid-19.

In another sign that pandemic-induced remote work is here to stay, tech firms are taking on a new C-suite role: head of remote work. The Globe and Mail reports that Facebook just filled a director of remote work position in November, and identity and access management company Okta recently did something similar. A workplace strategist tells The Globe and Mail that “we jumped ahead a decade on how people want to work,” and he says more companies understand they’ll need someone to oversee the longer-term shift to remote work after the pandemic.

Portfolio companies like Florida-based Krozu have great opportunities to help companies prepare for that future. Among others, Krozu has an industry-leading technology designed for remote work. It is a full-level Work from home (WFH) ecosystem, supporting firms from anywhere at any time!

Krozu offers real-time synchronization of all your projects and tasks within your business regardless where each of your employees work from. Teams and the entire business gains real-time updates and notifications with collaborative tools giving them the ability to be even more productive than before. Even when employees are away from the office, projects continue to get executed, organized and completed with clear visibility in real-time.

In Q1 2021, Tekedia Institute, working with Krozu will offer a course on Remote Work Administration. Our vision is that this training will unlock opportunities for people to understand the mechanics of managing remote teams, unbounded and unconstrained by geography.

Members attending Tekedia Mini-MBA 4 are eligible to participate (you can register to join). The course will run in parallel to our regular schedule. It is 100% free but you would be required to create projects, and demonstrate competence that you can lead a team remotely, technically. My colleagues in Florida will work with you through the Institute. There would be a separate certificate awarded  (different from Tekedia Mini-MBA certificate) to those who pass the tests.


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