Video Phone Is Coming – Watch Out For Next iPhone

I remain confident that the next generation smart phones will have video capabilities which will enable seamless communication. In other words, you can see your buddy on the phone while you guys are speaking on the phones.


For me it is the only thing that does not exist right now in smart phones. Apple, Logitech or Nokia could do this before this Christmas or next. I am certain that it will come.


Sure, the world has seen many video phones before.  That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about elegant new creators, similar to iPhone. They would be stylish with nice ergonomics.


The market is ready for these phones and I think they will do well. There are many markets it will cannibalize. It will eat into the airline business since people will see video to video while talking. Why travel when you can see grandma on video and she can see you?


It is possible they can make it so that you can project the video on a wall.


Yes, that brings the need for Cisco to have a family portable Telepresence. People, it is time they make one I can afford. The industry size one that costs around $35,000 is not for personal use.


If Cisco can make a portable one, I will get one for my family in Nigeria and we can talk live. Yes, I know there are bandwidth issues, but I think Nigeria is going to improve with time.


Have you noticed that if we have video phone, I can teach students in Nairobi right from my house in the U.S.  They have the phone, I have mine and they can watch me while I speak. It will be very cool to get to the level where people can communicate at that level.


Do you know that video phone will revamp healthcare delivery in remote Africa? Just ask the patient to position the phone and you can get a good assessment of the problems without even traveling.  People spend a lot today to do exactly that, but in the new era, all it will take is phone and wireless network (possibly 4G network).

I cannot wait for simple video phones that work.

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