[Video] After TEDxChange Amsterdam – What Next For The Nigerian?

One year ago, TED and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation organized the global event TEDxChange. Going beyond ‘ideas worth spreading’, the collaborative wanted to benefit from the passion and knowledge of the community and turn ideas into practice.

In Amsterdam, TEDxChange invited eight energetic speakers to present their vision and asked TEDsters how they could help them to get further. One of the speakers was Ndubuisi Ekekwe, an American-Nigerian engineer and the founder of the African Institution of Technology. His mission is to reshape Africa through technological developments. He participated in TEDxChange to get support to realize his ambitious plans. By telephone from Boston, he looks back at this day in September 2010. Although he was unable to attend in person, Ekekwe felt his interlocutors were genuinely interested in his ideas.

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Editor’s Note: Ndubuisi later attended TEDxAmserdam live.

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