VideoProc is Best iPhone Video Converter – Converts, Edits iPhone 4K Video with Full GPU [Giveaway, Win iPhone]

VideoProc is Best iPhone Video Converter – Converts, Edits iPhone 4K Video with Full GPU [Giveaway, Win iPhone]

When I received my current iPhone as a Christmas gift last December, I was excited, even though it was an old iPhone. With video libraries in formats like MKV, AAC, FLV, etc, I had imagined a moment to enjoy the full immersive experience of the best smartphone yet. Unfortunately, that did not happen: the iPhone could not play some of the videos as the formats were not compatible. Call it frustration or paralysis: it was not fun.

In short, the challenge did not stop there – I was also unable to play or edit iPhone HEVC videos with old version QuickTime, Photos, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Windows Media Player, Adobe, etc. So, the reserve was not also easy. Simply, 4K 60PFS iPhone videos would not play smoothly on VLC and other video players. The GoPro video a friend has sent me did not also play in that iPhone. With that, I knew I needed to invest time and resources to find the best way to overcome these challenges including the inability to play some music files; I made it happen and discovered a great solution that fixed all these frictions: VideoProc.

VideoProc is the best iPhone video converter in the world right now. VideoProc is a versatile 4K video processing tool powered by GPU acceleration. It assists users to convert video and audio formats easily with no quality loss, and offers convenient video edit, compression, download, record features. With VideoProc, one can easily convert iPhone HEVC/H.265 video to H.264 to make it compatible with all video player and editor. Also, a user can convert iPhone video parameters such as frame rate, bit rate, resolution to make video play smoothly on 3rd party video players (e.g. convert 4K 60PFS video to 30FPS) or reduce file size. And my very best – convert iPhone video to GIF to enable sharing on Twitter and social media. The ease and simplicity is legendary in all ways.

VideoProc also fixed my challenges by enabling the capacity to prepare contents for iPhone. With VideoProc, I was able to convert MKV, FLV, AVI, etc to MP4, MOV for successful playback on iPhone. Using it also, one can convert music to AAC, MP3, AIFF, M4A, etc for playback on iPhone besides the capacity to convert camera, drone, GoPro videos to iPhone compatible format and parameters at one click. Nothing was excluded as it has the capability to also prepare music for iPhone ringtone in addition to making 3D video resources to come in the 2D for iPhone playback. It is a heavy-duty solution which is simply great.

The following are some of the major features of this VideoProc software:

  • Unique Level-3 hardware acceleration tech: up to 47x faster video processing speed, lossless video quality hugely lowers CPU usage to 40%.
  • Support to convert large 4K UHD videos smoothly.
  • Up to 420 device-specific profiles. Convert any video to all models of iPhone, iPad, Android, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc without complex settings manually.
  • Intuitive interface and easy operations. Finish iPhone video conversion in just one click.

Take Action – Giveaway

This great software solution has something for everyone – get free VideoProc and win iPhone XS Max. To participate, enter valid email address to earn one entry of the iPhone XS Max sweepstakes and receive the VideoProc license key.  You can also win more entries by sharing the contest page, downloading VideoProc, following VideoProc social media accounts and visiting VideoProc official site. Make it happen, and enjoy the freedom from all frictions on video format compatibility to/fro iPhone and iPad.


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