We Want To Fund A Startup in “Maritime Trade and Logistics”

We Want To Fund A Startup in “Maritime Trade and Logistics”

If you have experience in maritime shipping, I want to support a team in Nigeria with funding to build a startup in maritime trade & logistics. As AfCFTA moves to the next phase, this startup will do what logistics companies do on land in the maritime area.  I have struggled to see startups and now forced to have an open call. In the phase 1 of the playbook, here are services the startup will build-up:

  • Freight shipping: automating booking and deployment
  • Customs services and clearance: you clear goods, for both import and export
  • Trade financing: you finance trade by helping shippers grow
  • Land/Air haulage logistics: you integrate with partners to enable land/air logistics
  • Integrate into PAPSS (Pan-African Payment and Settlement System) via Afreximbank and a digital bank in the United States; we will provide all contacts needed.

We expect you to digitize the process with technology that will help tracking at scale. More so, you will launch in at least 6 ports in Africa with correspondence partners in China, Europe and the United States; we will provide those networks. We will help you join WCA World.

Email Tekedia Capital [email protected] in a group of at least 3 with your capabilities. We will give you funds to go and build if we like your team. Do not worry about people copying the ideas; I never worry about those. Everyone knows that Africa has no water, electricity, etc and yet no one has copied to provide them well. The key is execution – and we think we have a great process.

Please share with your networks – if we get this right, we can quickly create dozens of jobs and fix a huge friction across Africa.

Learn more about Tekedia Capital here.


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14 thoughts on “We Want To Fund A Startup in “Maritime Trade and Logistics”

  1. Dear Dr. Ekekwe, I found your post on funding a Startup in Maritime Trade and Logistics very exciting. I am consultant to a local freight forwarding company in Port Harcourt Nigeria which I set up for the owners, with oversight functions since 2014. The company has been active clearing import cargoes and exporting same from all over the world with verifiable proofs since its inception.

    However, we realize that breaking into the AcFTA market requires strong collaboration with international players that have the right connections and the wherewithal to pull off successful deals. As an expert maritime transport logistician, ship manager, cargo surveyor and certified freight forwarder, I am favourably disposed to collaborating with you for mutual beneficial purposes to maximize the market advantages which the African market has to offer in exchange of goods and services between origin-destination countries.

    I’ll be glad to share more insights as I get your feedback going forward. Many thanks and best regards.

    Babatunde Omoju, Ph.D

  2. Good day Dr, Thank you for this opportunity. I have a Customs Licensed company in Lagos Nigeria since 2014 with a core responsibility to prepare the required customs documentation and freighting of goods from abroad (Air and Sea from any part of the world) to Nigeria. We execute the customs clearance and transportation/haulage to the agreed location. However, this process has become a norms in Nigeria that most importers have saddled the responsibility to shoulder part of the statutory charges such as Shipping and Terminal charges for the importers as a guarantee for appropriate delivery and security to the importers. Why am I saying this? The business requires an enormous funding to be able to withstand the volume or load assigned by any importer to the clearing agent and to sustain the business. Therefore, it will be a super opportunity to be part of this great announcement so that I can be able to enhance the current capacity of my company.

  3. Ezugwu Ugochukwu Emmanuel · Edit

    Good day Dr Ndubuisi,

    I’m a Marine professional, had B-Tech in Maritime Management Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri.

    Ever since my graduation I have been in the industry, worked with couple of Marine Logistics company and obtained more professional certifications from Charkins Maritime Institute. Portharcourt.

    In few years I started an appointment with A Frieght forwarding and Logistics firm in Apapa Lagos operating with Grimaldi Nigeria as parents company and terminal.

    Would love to partake in this program so as to help me take my Frieght forwarding firm to another level and digitalize it’s services and gain international deals and endorsements through your program.

    I hope to have a follow up and gain the Dividend of the program.

    Thank you and remain blessed.

    Ugochukwu Ezugwu.(B-Tech Maritime)

  4. Awojulu Akeem Olawale · Edit

    Dear prof. I am highly interested in this laudable project and I want to be part of it. Though I just started in 5he maritime industry and just less than a year experience in the maritime industry. But techwise I’m very good in contributing my own part in those areas

  5. Dear Dr. Ndubuisi,

    I saw your call for presentation asking Maritime and Shipping professionals to put up a concept to proffer solutions within the shipping and maritime industry.

    I am Bukola Lawal, Maritime Economist, Investment Advisor, Development Strategist and a former DG., Nigerian Chamber of Shipping as the Team Lead, while I have Engr. Adebayo Macaulay, Entrepreneur and a Chemical Engineer as well as Capt. Adeyemi Ogunshola, a UK-Based IT expert on the team.

    The concept as to do with using a digitalized application to add value to ease of doing business which encompasses cargo availability and conveyance to destinations. This is a lifecycle of a transportation system from Land to Sea and vice versa. The Shippers, Ship Owners, Chandlers, Truckers as well as the Stuffers, are all stakeholders expected to key in into the solution.

    If you grant us an audience, we can discuss further the model.

    We would like to know the timeline for the submission, please.

    Thanking you for availing us the great opportunity which we target at changing the freighting operations.

    Kind regards.

    Bukola Lawal (Mr.)
    Team Lead

  6. I am exceedingly glad and excited to understand your announcement of this innovative and great opportunity aims to transform maritime business to take advantages of AfCFTA whivh is set to open-up single largest market opportunities for SMEs.
    You will be pleased to understand that, l am recently offer appointment as Country Representative to GroupeMRP lndia Prvt Ltd to establishi is presence here in Nigeria with a focus on integrated maritime business hence, my inclination is geared to access your start-up funding opportunity to establish a constructive synergy with you on integrated maritime projects here in Nigeria with back-up from the above mentioned GroupeMRP which has extensive experience in warehousing and logistics.

  7. Good day Sir,
    I’m smiling writing to you at the moment. For some reason, two different individuals sent me a screenshot of this brief as at the date it was posted and I took some time to look at the specifications and, I went to town. I put together a Team and we have come up with a solution that I’m certain will be a delight to the TEKEDIA CAPITAL team.
    The SWIFTKARGO Team will be pleased to develop this groundbreaking and disruptive Startup. We sent an email on Friday, the 12th of November, 2021, at about 3:19pm. We’re expecting a response from your Team soonest, Sir.
    It is easier for me as an Entrepreneur to stretch my innovative capabilities when funding is sorted. There’s a saying that goes thus, “One man working with you is worth more than 3 men working for you.” It will be an honour to ‘work with you,’ Sir!


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