Week 2 – The Grand Playbook of Business – Ready For Monday

Week 2 – The Grand Playbook of Business – Ready For  Monday

My team has scheduled materials for Week 2 of the ongoing Tekedia Mini-MBA: 12 noon Lagos time on Monday.  Week 2 focuses on what it takes to start a new business (Founder) or lead a new product/service in an existing company (Project Champion). It is written as a manual, from the idea stage to the growth execution stage. It comes with 6 flash cases covering Jevinik Restaurants, Airbnb, mKopa Solar, Opay, Tinder and PhonePe India. To access, visit the Digital Board; week 2 will become active and clickable at the time noted. For new registrations, click here.

When you execute, you enable growth. Growth fixes or masks nearly all problems in a company division or a start-up. Growth makes you a good presenter before the Board or CEO. Growth makes your grammar to become flawless. Growth brings respect as you stand before the investors or promotion committee. Growth creates business legends and rock stars. When you grow, you are moving. It means you have momentum. The bigger the business size, and the rate of growth, the more is the momentum of the business (in Physics, momentum = mass x velocity; velocity is speed with direction). Maximal momentum is realized when you are increasing the size of the business (“the mass”) and doing that at the fastest growth rate (‘the velocity”).

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