What builds a Nation?

What builds a Nation?

Many people or individuals think that money is the only thing or the only source of Building a nation.

Yes! It is true that money builds a Nation, but money is a particle created by man for a particular purpose. Sequel to this, before money came into existence, the research, law, idea and the experiment had been done by men before it was useful.

But before money builds a Nation there are some theories, laws and principles that can be carried out for the effective use of the money.

Now, thinking that money builds a Nation without knowing that there’s a mystery that behinds the growth,establishment and development of a Nation is an illusion.

What is the mystery? The mystery is the Mind.

What builds a Nation first before thinking or talking about money is the” Mind”.

A Nation can not be built without exercising the mind and the mental state positively.

If the mind is exercised positively in building a Nation, it will uplift the Nation, but If it is exercised negatively in building a Nation, it will lead to the downfall of the Nation and also the destruction of the Nation.

So, these show that before you achieve a particular thing in life you must exercise your mind, depending on the area you ‘re heading to.

Now, you can see that a positive mind comes with positive structures, plans, ideals and initiatives.

So, it shows that the budget of a Nation can be surplus which is the money, but if it is not managed properly by not applying the principles, theories and laws that behind the uses of money properly, the surplus budget can’t build the Nation. That explains why the mind which must be exercised properly.


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