Welcome 10 ART Foundation Scholars To Tekedia Institute

Welcome 10 ART Foundation Scholars To Tekedia Institute

Join me to welcome 10 ART Foundation Scholars to Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA which begins June 7 to end Sept 1, 2021. Founded by Rasheed Adebayo, ART FOUNDATION, a charity organization, aims at moving the less-privileged in communities in all the states in Nigeria from Poverty to Plenty.

Their  slogan is P2P which means Poverty 2 Plenty. ART does this by providing enablers  such as scholarships, food banks, trainings and development, and ethics and value orientation programmes.

At Tekedia Institute we celebrate these scholars. They will attend one of the finest management and leadership programs in Africa, and we are very confident they will be prepared to experience PLENTY because the future is full of abundance, irrespective of the past.

To ART and Mr Adebayo, thank you for serving.

Welcome, ART Scholars. Welcome to Tekedia Institute.


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