How well do you know IOT?

How well do you know IOT?

Editor’s Note: This piece was contributed by Arjun Dedaniya, a business manager from Teksun Microsys.

These days latest buzz word is IOT (Internet of things). So what is IOT? In simple term, it refers to a virtual internet connection from people, things and almost everything around you. Without any human intervention, it allows communicating with each other in our surrounding environment. Definitely, Internet of Things can be beneficial in our day to day life.

Applications of Internet of Things

IOT is beneficial to increase the productivity and speed. With such a great advantage, proficiencies will increase and also helpful to save cost. Sensors would give relaxation to humans from task monitoring and improve the productivity.

For instance, it has been a hard day at work and you are going back to home. It’s a very hot day and you want to turn on your Air conditioning system so your home will be nice and chilled when you reached. Or you are rushing off to work and all of sudden you to wonder whether you forget to turn off the air conditioner before you left the home.

Even though all our sophistication of technology firstly you are likely to give a call to a neighbor (who has the key of your home) to go to your home and do the job. This is a perfect example as many people would like to have bit control network at home managing your AC with the use of thermostat and you would also have internet access at home.

IOT is intended at systematizing our lives by improving efficiency. With this technology one can track the behavior with facial recognition or motion sensors. It recognizes when the people are in the same and automatically makes the required changes to the temperature and lighting of the home.

IT is predicted that around $2 trillion of economic benefit from connected devices by the end of 2020. These objects will be dedicated ones such as vending machines, jet engines, and other applications. IOT will have great influence on the digital world also as it would ease the new business prototypes and expand the productivity at the same time.

Presently, business prototypes and IOT technologies that support IOT are still in developing phase. Although they are being used across many industries. Organizations and Enterprise all over the world should make plans and must use IOT to get maximum advantage from it.


Information Technology has many security concerns. IOT faces rare security challenge. Addressing these problems is a must. Peoples are sure to trust IOT devices and associated data collection services as they are included in their routine lives. There are great chances of leaking and theft of data because data can expose to the IOT devices. Organizations around the world are looking forward to solve this concerns.

Wrap Up

IOT comes with various challenges, but the main intention to solve these problems and make full use of this technology to simplify our day to day job.

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