Western Union Action was Totally Unprofessional

Western Union Action was Totally Unprofessional

Western Union Money Transfer has been a blessing to many Africans. Especially for those who have relatives or do businesses overseas. They have made it easier to send and receive money from many parts of the country. But the fact that they have been a blessing to many people and businesses doesn’t make me shy away from my awful experience with them. 

Nothing is perfect but as a customer, I will voice my dissatisfaction with their policy. Perhaps it would be a good way to review their policies since customers feedback is essential.

As much as I love to promote companies doing a great job, likewise, I won’t hesitate to point out any flaws I see as well. I have been restricted from using Western Union Money Transfer since last year. December to be precise. This was perceived after my problem with a bank manager who refused to sanction my transaction unless I commit to a 60-40 percent deal. Since then, I could not even get a common $50 sent to me by a friend for my birthday. 

I can’t really understand why it’s like that.

Often times, I asked myself some questions like;

  • Did she report me to WU for a scam?
  • Did WU flag me?

Even if she did report me to WU, it’s totally unprofessional for WU to take any action without contacting me. There are always two sides to a story. Perhaps, they could have investigated the matter and get to the root of the matter before arriving at any conclusion.

Maybe WU flagged me. But on what basis?

There’s no tangible reason to do such. No one has ever reported me for theft or scams. I write for foreign companies and I earn hard currency. 

Dear WU, I’m a freelancer who works hard for every dollar that drops into my account. If I earn big, a lot of hard work has been put behind the scene. It didn’t just pop up. If you follow the trend of my transactions, you’d see I started low, $50 per week. I did a lot of hard work to increase my weekly pay. To have flagged me without any verified proof is totally biased and unprofessional. 

I also heard there are certain restrictions on the amount of money that can be transferred to Africa. If that’s true, then I don’t understand what WU stand to gain from that. It makes me wonder if Africans are being limited or not allowed to earn big. If a banking policy supports that, it should be nullified. Inasmuch people can provide evidence for the money earned, don’t restrict them from cashing it.

My question to WU, ”Would you set up your company to make less money?”

If you wouldn’t, why restrict Africans or anyone from earning above a certain fee? It’s quite baffling.

Lastly, lift the ban placed on me since last year. I am innocent of whatever charges that might have been put up against me. I am always ready to provide every piece of information about myself if that would clear any doubts you have against me or my business. 

Not all Africans are scammers.

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