What I Will Tell President Buhari

What I Will Tell President Buhari

Member: “If you meet President Buhari, what will you tell him to do to get Nigeria firing on all cylinders…”

My Response: This is what I will share with Mr. President.  Do not spend time just running governments with the usual speeches, paying salaries, signing things, and the typical mundane things which any person can do. Find a way to TRANSFORM the nation by anchoring say 3 things, and communicate the vision to Nigerians, and get them to become believers. 

Become the CEO of Nigeria and put the aides in their positions – reach out to your fellow citizens for help, to rebuild a hopeful, and prosperous nation that is open to all with capacity to make all to RISE. Just as great business leaders help employees to know where the company is going, Nigerians need to wake up in the morning with understanding of our purpose and the trajectory to the shared destination. 

Today, if you step out of this office, and visit Wuse, Opopo, Aba, Jos, Kafanchan  and Sokoto, and ask 200 people where Nigeria is going, few can explain. 

To TRANSFORM Nigeria, it calls for clarity with measurable and quantifiable indicators, anchored on catalytic enablers. Sir, where do you want to take this nation? This is the math for a $3 trillion economy before 2035. Can that motivate everyone? Could you make our rural citizens become wealthy by adding financial power to lands, homes, etc through a tech-driven, private sector-led government-backed program to formalize lands and properties in any location in Nigeria. 

Mr. President, Nigeria does not need to be RUN; there are many civil servants who can do just that. Nigeria needs to be TRANSFORMED. Three things. Just three, and your citizens will unite to build a great nation, together.

If you want us to get to the moon, we will respond. If you want us to build a $3T economy, we will. If you want us to turn peasants into middle class citizens, Nigerians are ready. But you must LEAD, and guide us to get to that mountaintop, for a city that is shining on the hilly side, with an unbounded beacon of hope, offering abundance for all.

Thank you His Excellency.

Inaugural Address by Ndubuisi Ekekwe, President, LinkedIn Nation


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4 thoughts on “What I Will Tell President Buhari

  1. The problem is not what to be said or what needs to be done, but the abilities of the person being advised or told, to make sense of what is said, then summon to courage to sanction such undertaking.

    We appoint people here and give them title of ‘advisers’, the question becomes, who are they advising and where are the advices applied? Because if you make me an adviser, and you are not taking my advice, neither do you give me express powers to implement, I do not see why I should remain on your payroll; nothing to do there.

    Nigeria can be transformed, but you may need to sign an undertaking, that you won’t dismiss or waiver on the very thing that could transform the land. If that is possible, then we can shout a thunderous: Arise O compatriots!

  2. We want the country to work for the majority, but overwhelmingly; zeal and will are lacking.
    I do ask myself if I want to do lead as a politician, often the answer is a resounding NO but I do always want to see my village being led competently, I forgot that people can’t give what they didn’t have.
    Thank you for your thoughts always Prof.
    Grateful for the student discount on the Tekedia MBA. Thank you for lighting the path.


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