What If Google Does The Same in Nigeria? We Will Name a Road ‘Google’ in Lagos

The iconic US company of ‘do no evil’ is working hard to save the planet. The announcement that it invested millions in a solar energy company is no surprise – they like to do tough and big things. Oh yes, can Google power its office in Lagos and build a solar plant there! We are just kidding, but if they do that, we will change one major street to Google Street.


We’ve invested $168 million in an exciting new solar energy power plant being developed by BrightSource Energy in the Mojave Desert in California. Brightsource’s Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) will generate 392 gross MW of clean, solar energy. That’s the equivalent of taking more than 90,000 cars off the road over the lifetime of the plant, projected to be more than 25 years. The investment makes business sense and will help ensure that one of the world’s largest solar energy projects is completed.



We need smart capital to transform our energy sector and build a clean energy future. This is our largest investment to date, and we’ve now invested over $250 million in the clean energy sector. We’re excited about Ivanpah because our investment will help deploy a compelling solar energy technology that provides reliable clean energy, with the potential to significantly reduce costs on future projects.


Google – maybe, you can save our terrible situation. We want solar energy also besides the cool technologies you are bringing.

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