What is a Mobile App?

We asked a college student to define an app. He got clueless on the terminology. Possibly, he has not memorized it from any of the textbooks because those books have not been written in Lagos. So, to you, what is an app? You know what it does, but how will you define it.


This is our take:  Mobile apps or mobile applications or apps for short are special purpose software (applications) developed for mobile devices. They can require a web browser or not to function. The key is that they use the Internet as a transport medium but do not require an Internet, ideally, to  operate. In some cases, most complicated ones require a telecommunication signal to function.


Under the mobile reading segments, these are the players and brands behind them
• Desktops and laptops
o Various platforms
o Game consoles (Wii, X-BOX)


• Readers
o Sony Reader
o Amazon Kindle
o BN Nook
o Kobo Reader
• Mobile devices
o Treo (Palm)
o Blackberry (RIM)
o iPhone (Apple)
o Android (Google)
o Ovi (Nokia)/Microsoft (Windows)


• Netbooks and tablets
o Asus
o Acer
o Dell
o Courier
o Apple iPad
o Samsung
o Motorola
o HP

o Fasmicro/Microscale

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