What is a Tablet? OK, Tablet PC if The OS is Windows Mobile.

Unless it is powered by Windows, it cannot be called Tablet PC. For Android tablet, it is simply Tablet. So it is technically wrong to write “Android tablet PC” though it is fine to write “Windows tablet PC”.


Ok. Leave that semantics out. What is a tablet PC?


Tablet PCs are specialty mobile machines which can be operated by a stylus or touchscreen apparatus. There are basically two kinds of tablet PCs-slate and convertible tablets. Users operate slate computers with a pen or stylus. Convertible tablets offer both touch screen and keyboard capabilities.


Tablet PC upgrades brought improved touchscreen recognition and handwriting interpretation capabilities. New models enable users to write directly onto their desktops. They simplify lives and bring freedom and play to the next level.


Ovim tablet is a tablet. It is powered by Android. It is a highly advanced machine with knowledge interface that makes work easy. It is also a platform for play. You can do anything any modern tablet can do with Ovim. If you have not used a tablet, it may be time to try one. Tablets are better than laptops.


Photo/Ovim Plus

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