What is the secret sauce in your trade? Work on it [Video]

What is the secret sauce in your trade? Work on it [Video]

In college when I was running for a position as the Director of Research, SEEES, I went to the Student-President of the engineering School, Ezeoba, and asked him on how I could run an effective campaign. Ezeoba had just run a very effective campaign, ascending to a prestigious position where he was to lead the engineering student body in FUTO.

My opponent was a better candidate, and certainly was more qualified. He was also a mentor, being a highly respected brilliant student. He was also ahead in class; I was contesting a year earlier, not waiting for my turn!

Ezeoba explained the secret: (1) you must address students by their first names if you want them to vote for you, (2) on the manifesto night, make them laugh and (3) be bold on your vision. I executed and won!

This video reminds me of #1: this politician knows the names of all Nigeria’s army chiefs since 1979 and could recite them with ease. No wonder, he was a former governor: he is a people-builder and -connector. Listen to Shettima. They said Obama kept contact with classmates.

What is the secret sauce in your trade? Work on it.

(please ignore the politics in the video)


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