What Is Your Free-Range Chicken Strategy?

What Is Your Free-Range Chicken Strategy?

In business we like to talk of disruption. Disruption is a word that is used in any strategy document. To grow, you have to disrupt the incumbents by setting a new basis of competition which will help you to take market share from them. The digital camera innovators disrupted companies like Kodak who built their businesses on thin film photography.

Yet, it is not always necessary for a company to disrupt for it to grow. To explain that disruption is not always required for growth, I will use free-range chickens, found in most African villages, to create an analogy. A free-range chicken “is a bird that is allowed constant access to the outdoors, with plenty of fresh vegetation, sunshine and room to exercise”.

This bird does not compete for your time. Unlike dogs and cats, you practically do not invest so much time on free-range chickens. In the morning, they leave the house and in the evening, they return. They feed for themselves!

In business, we can be like chickens. That means we can find new markets and opportunities that may not have to compete with the present ones.

What is your free-range chicken strategy? Learn more on this post.

Non-Disruptive Growth: The Free-Range Chicken Analogy


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