What is Zenvus Yield? [Video]

What is Zenvus Yield? [Video]

If you double farm yield in Africa, you will cut poverty by 37%. Why? More than 65% of the working population are engaged in agriculture. As a farm boy, I lived farming in Ovim, Abia state. My grandmother taught me everything about it; school in the morning; after school, come to the farm. It was a way of life. But I went to college and saw a better way. Zenvus Yield is a camera, created from scratch.

It does the job of the high priest. Yes, instead of sacrificing goats and chickens to the gods for good harvest, it helps the farmer make better decisions. When good decisions are made, farming productivity improves. If that happens, poverty goes to the museum of last century!

Zenvus Yield is looking for government partners. At the moment, we do not work directly with individual farmers as the marginal cost does not make sense yet. Have contacts? Connect us.

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  1. My humble recommendation prof. Do a new video that better demonstrates the functionality of this great product. I don’t feel this particular video does justice to it.


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